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The Best Way to Use Your Poker Bonus

Online gambling is one of the most popular leisure activities in the UK these days, and this also makes it an extremely competitive business for the various gambling websites - meaning that they have to find ways of attracting new customers and keeping their existing ones. One thing that all of the major online gambling sites will have in common when it comes to this is that they will all offer customers a variety of poker bonus options to entice them, but it is not always easy to figure out the best ways of using these bonuses to get the most out of them. Therefore, here are some of the best ways to use your Betfair Poker Bonus options.

Big tournaments

A lot of the online poker sites allow those using them to participate in the big, prestige online games, and these offer players the chance to win considerably more than they would from the everyday real money table games. As these big poker tournaments usually allow the players to enter by putting down a small fraction of what they could potentially end up winning using one of the free poker bonus options for this purpose should represent a pretty good use of it for most people.

Small tournaments

Another very viable use of poker bonuses is to use them across a number of different small poker tournaments rather than a single big one. Obviously you would not stand to get as big a return as you could expect with a single high stakes game, but this strategy also carries considerably less risk as you will not be paying as much to enter as you would with the big tournaments you stand a better chance of making a decent return - especially as you will be spreading the use of the bonuses across a number of different tournaments.