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How Playing Games Online Can Help Improve Your Brain Power

With a wide range of free games online, we all like to wind down with some fun, simple games to take our mind off of our day. Some of us are even guilty of sneaking in a game or two at work, breaking up the day with a quick distraction. We may see this is a leisurely activity, but beyond relaxing, what other benefits do games have on your brain?

Improving productivity

In a study of 60 employees in a Dutch firm, researchers found that those allowed to play simple games for up to an hour during the workday had higher productivity, increased job satisfaction and took less days off. This is because it broke up their day, allowing their brain to rest in-between tasks and gave the workers some control over how they spent their time. Playing a game was compared to a coffee break, it meant that workers came back to their tasks refreshed and with new enthusiasm. Researchers also believe that different games could have different effects on your brain, so if you work in a competitive field, then competitive games could help give you that edge and get the whole office playing against each other. Those who work in the medical field may be interested in playing games which feature diseases and illnesses, such as the ones mentioned in this interesting article. Whatever you decide to go for, it should be something that helps keep you mentally stimulated and ready to return to your work refreshed.

Prevent Alzheimer's

People who read, write or play a lot of games over their lifetime have lower levels of amyloid, the protein in your brain that can cause Alzheimer's disease. Because people are living longer, there's an increased rate of this disease, so anything you can do to prevent it can help. Playing something like a memory game daily can help, as can anything with a strategy or brain teaser element. You should pick games that get harder as they go along, always challenging your brain and keeping it stimulated. It's never too late to engage the older generations, and there is a wide range of games on that appeal to all ages.

Improving eyesight

As a child, you were probably told that too much time on the computer would give you square-eyes. Well, your parents may have been wrong on this one. Research has found games that require you to respond quickly, and have things going on around the screen, can actually help improve your eyesight.In a study conducted by the University of Canada, a group of people were told to play a certain game for two hours a day, five or six times a week. By the end of the trial, they could recognise faces better, judge direction and even found reading small print easier than before. Try some games such as Bunny Rescuer and other pet games which require you to focus and pay attention to the screen. Even if it doesn't improve your vision, you'll have fun trying.

Faster reaction times

Playing action-based games can help boost your reaction times, meaning you could be able to make decisions up to 25% faster than non-gamers. This is because when you play games, your brain practices making split-second decisions and often has to deal with multi-tasking. The same study found that there was an added bonus for women who played games, they became better at mentally manipulating objects in 3D, a skill that's usually associated with the male brain.

Hand-eye co-ordination

A study where surgeons played video games before performing operations showed that their hand-eye co-ordination was increased, they worked faster and made less mistakes than their colleagues who didn't play games. Researchers even believe that video games could be better than playing sports when it comes to learning skills such as keeping steady hands and being able to perform delicate actions. This is because playing games improves your fine motor skills and requires more finesse than sports do. Try playing some complex games before you next attempt a delicate task and see if it works for you.

Next time you decide to take a break with some of the fun games on, think of it as investing time to improve your mind. After all, with all the benefits gaming can bring, it's essential to make time on a regular basis to play your favourites.