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Could Poker Become The Most Popular Online Game?

There are all sorts of online games available for people to play, and the number is increasing all the time as companies try to keep up with the ever-growing demand for them; from sports and casino gambling to games based on movies and television shows there is no shortage of choice. When it comes to the gambling side of online gaming one of the most popular options available is poker, which is reflected in the fact that so many of the top online betting sites - like Ladbrokes for example - have separate poker pages to cater for this, but could poker end up being the most popular type of online game?

Well in some places - notably America - it is considered to be the most popular type of online gambling, but here it still comes in behind the slots games when it comes to playing online casino games. The slots games are easier for a novice or casual gambler to pick up, and they also offer more short-term thrills than a poker game would. There is something of a gender divide when it comes to this issue with poker being the most popular form of online casino gaming amongst males, while the slots games are the most popular with women. Thus, if poker is to become the biggest type of online game it will have to attract more female casino gamers away from the slots.

Part of the reason for this gender split is possibly the fact that, while both sexes play at online casinos, women are less likely to be regular visitors to these sites. Poker is a game which requires a heavier investment of time than slots games, which could stand in the way of it becoming the most popular. Then there is the fact that a lot of women are also attracted to online gambling at bingo sites - rather than casino ones - which means that poker games will also have to overcome the popularity of that game in order to be the most popular.