Card Blitz 21

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Objective of Card Blitz 21
When the game starts a card is dealt face up in the centre of the screen, you can choose to place this card in any one of four columns by clicking the HIT button. The idea of the game is to make the cards in each column total 21 - the current total of any column is shown on the red ball at the top of each column.

If the total goes over 21, this column is BUST and the cards in the column are cleared. If your total reaches 21 then your BLITZ score is increase by one. Your Blitz score is shown on the scoreboard on the left side of the screen. Every time your Blitz score increases you are awarded some tokens - the higher the Blitz score, the more tokens you receive. Each round ends when the Blitz score reaches the top, you run out of time or you run out of cards. Each round costs 1- tokens to play.