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Playing Pokies: What It Could Do to You

Everyone is mesmerized with aussie pokies. You would see both men and women, whether quite young or very old, sitting in front of a video slot machine, transfixed by the game.

The advantages and disadvantages of playing pokies, and gambling as a whole, is pretty much the same now like it was before. After all, the only difference is the technological advancement that the machines went through. Everything else is pretty much the same.

For your information, here are the pros and cons of playing pokies for both young children and the elderly.

Benefits of Playing Pokies

This is one of the simplest games ever created. And despite the fact that you will need only a dollar or even less to start playing, the possibility of winning hundreds of dollars in jackpots is just too tempting to ignore.

There are numerous variations of this game - something that kids with very short attention spans will love. Older people consider this as a social activity since they get to go out with their friends and/or meet a lot of new people. It is versatile in the sense that it can be played alone, too.

The Not-So-Satisfactory Drawbacks of Pokies

The bright, blinking lights of Pokies do have a negative effect on one's eyesight. Older individuals shouldn't tire their eyes out more since the optical muscles are already weakened. Children, on the other hand, may be required to wear glasses because of this, too.

This is a game which should not be played by people who are suffering from seizures. The intense flickering may trigger an episode. One need not be cautioned about the possibility of getting too addicted to the game. Aside from spending too much cash, this may cause the breakdown of your relationships with other people.

Parent games or not, pokies is truly an addicting game which may also interest younger kids. Now that this can be played online and is even offered as a mobile app, it really is a challenge to veer away from it.

There is nothing so wrong with playing pokies or any casino game for that matter. One just has to know his or her limitations. And the only way you can teach this to your kids is by example.