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Tips on how to identify a fraudulent online casino

The fact is that online gambling at online casinos still remains largely under no regulation despite how it has risen to popularity in the last decade. You may take advantage if a properly regulated casino at


Although factors like impartial auditors, strict licensing jurisdictions, amongst others can make online casinos very similar to brick-and-mortar casinos, the lack of regulation from governments has left the business accessible by criminal predators.

This has resulted in the emergence of a high number of fraudulent and rogue online casinos, and this article will offer you some tips on how to identify them and swerve to safety.

1. Check for content theft.

You'd wonder why a gambler would think that a casino who can't provide their own exclusive content in write-ups, pictures, and the likes would be fit enough to pay them their potential winnings.

It is wise to do thorough research before joining any online casino and committing your hard earned money. The illegal act of plagiarizing a reputable casino's content by a sub-standard casino should be a pointer that one should avoid them.

2. Verify the license claim

The fact is that the licensing jurisdiction being used by fraudulent casinos does not pay attention to player concerns and business ethics.

You must know that the strictest regulators include Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, as well as Alderney. Therefore, any online casino with a jurisdiction from any of the aforementioned locations is reputable and well known.

Always toe the line of skepticism for any license claim. Here is one hint; if the icon which depicts a licensing jurisdiction at the bottom of the website does not link directly to a certification page with the name of the casino on it, then you must be careful in your dealings with such a casino.

3. Converse with the support staff. Ask some questions.

Do your best to test the quality of the customer support before you choose to play at an online casino.

This is good because you'd get to ascertain their level of competence before you make any commitments.

You can proceed by asking questions about the selections of online slots, sign-up promotions, banking and payment options, as well as signing up. If the response is not personalized, then there you have it. They do not treat the utility that the customer will derive from the service as a priority.