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Are Your Aging Parents Addicted of Gambling?

There would be nothing wrong with your parents going to the casino in the weekends, it is just the amount of socializing they need in order to keep themselves going. But you should be aware of your parents going to the casino too often because recent studies have found out that many older couples are gambling, and even spending money they have saved up over the years in it. Get more info on this issue in Arabic language.

parents gambling addiction
According to the American Gaming Association, the people visiting the casinos had a 50= age count of almost 64% and this is alarming if not anything else. While most adult children want their parents to enjoy their retirement years and stay out of how they spend their money, if you fear your parent is gambling more than they can afford to, it is wise to learn more and potentially take action. Below are some tips to help you get started.

The immediate solutions that can be thought of are as follows:

  • We must learn to identify the signs of gambling. According to the National Council there are 8 million gamblers in the States for whom gambling have become a serious problem. While many of us might want to gamble for the fun of it or owing to boredom or from the desire to make easy money, these people are obsessed with gambling and they are always preoccupied with the game. These people go around gambling, chasing losses and investing more money and thereby losing and ending up bankrupt.

  • Again, you need to look for signs and discuss things with your parents. You need to let it float that there are other means of socializing e.g. going to a baseball game and this might make your parents opening up. You might come to know that your parents visit the casino just for the better conversation that they find lacking in their lives.

  • So the problem is loneliness and not gambling. You can easily help them in this by offering to spend more time with them and that should be able to solve it. Here are some other ways to alleviate stress and loneliness. However if you find them spending hundreds of dollars, then it might be a sign of problem gambling.

  • You have to look for alternatives, as simple as that. You might just encourage them into joining a club for the elderly where they can spend some quality time and thus they can get over their boredom easily.

  • You can revive their hobbies in them and this might make them happier and thus having a therapeutic value. Again, you must consult your physician at this point and take care that he is physically sturdy enough. Oftentimes, physical illness makes people lonely.

It is never easy to detect problem gambling and being able to separate it from the natural urge to socialize. The key to this problem is having discerning eyes and having enough time to spare for your parents so that you can take care of them and they share their worries with you. This should solve your problems effectively.