Deadly Dwarves

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This is a funny and entertaining game where there will be dwarves throwing knives at you and you have to shoot them before they kill you. There'll be foxes too carrying bombs so beware of those too. There are spaceships which are meant to be the machine guns, a parachute carrying a first aid kit will be for improving your health, there will be nice dwarves carrying ammunition. The first aid kit can also be for other ration like points. Each ammo dwarf will have 6 ammos. Combination points can be gained if you keep shooting and hit the target without missing. In a row, you can start with 5, 10, and 20 to 50 hits in a row to gain your bonus points, without missing.

Instructions : It's a basic point and click game. You can use the space bar to reload the game level or use control to change weapon.